Copper Titanium Non-Sparking tools – Additional burden for Industrial Safety?

Posted on: 24 Feb, 2021 | Reading Time: 2 mins read


We believe that false marketing and claims thatCopper Titanium tools are superior to Aluminium Bronze are causing additional headaches for safe operations and maintenance in the wider industry”. Copper Titanium tools are known to be highly brittle and do not perform for their intended applications. The common problems faced by the operator when using these tools are:

  1. Open spanners, ring spanners, pipe wrench, and adj wrench do not have the grip required in operation and hence tends to either slip or not offer enough grip to perform the necessary operation
  2. There is excessive wear and tear of tools in a very limited amount of time rendering the said tools useless to the operator
  3. Screwdriver tips are known to chip off when used for simple operations
  4. Plier jaws do not align and the handles are of very poor quality
  5. Spanners either crack or break into several pieces during normal operations

The above problems are widely reported by many end-users of Copper Titanium non-sparking tools. This creates an additional safety risk in the plant where this is used. 

  1. There is a risk of injury due to slippage or tool breakage and have been reported to us several times by end-users. Operator risks falling from heights or the broken tool pieces flung in the air causing injury to nearby operators
  2. Because of excessive wear and tear operators may fall back to using regular steel tools which re-introduce the risk non-sparking tools are expected to mitigate
  3. The same risk exists because operators do not feel confident in using non-sparking tools of Copper Titanium

Since Copper Titanium creates more problems and does not solve any existing issues its use in plants diminishes the overall safety.
We recommend all Copper Titanium non-sparking tool users to get regular feedback from their operators about the tools they are currently using and if they are facing the above-mentioned issues they should replace the tools with reputed non-sparking tools

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