Non Sparking 52 pcs Toolkit

Non Sparking 52 pcs Toolkit

This Toolkit consists of 52 most commonly used non-sparking tools.

  • It comes with a hard case along with 4 trays of tools.
  • Each tool fits precisely into its foam inlay profile, minimizing the mis-organization of tools.
  • The Tools has 2 wheels at the bottom for easy movement and a retractable handle makes the whole kit very handy.
  • The toolbox has locking arrangements for securing your expensive non-sparking tools.



Sr NoDescriptionSparkless_PNSize
1Adj WrenchSLE-1008A30*250mm
2Allen KeySPF-10A10mm
3Allen KeySPF-2A2mm
4Allen KeySPF-3A3mm
5Allen KeySPF-4A4mm
6Allen KeySPF-5A5mm
7Allen KeySPF-6A6mm
8Allen KeySPF-8A8mm
9Ball Pein HammerSRG-1002A230g
11Combination PlierSXF-1002A6″
12Combination WrenchSME-10A10mm
13Combination WrenchSME-11A11mm
14Combination WrenchSME-12A12mm
15Combination WrenchSME-14A14mm
16Combination WrenchSME-17A17mm
17Combination WrenchSME-19A19mm
18Combination WrenchSME-22A22mm
19Combination WrenchSME-24A24mm
20Combination WrenchSME-26A26mm
21Combination WrenchSME-27A27mm
22Combination WrenchSME-6A6mm
23Combination WrenchSME-8A8mm
24Cylinder KeyCYD-1008A150mm
25Diagonal PlierSXH-1002A6″
26Driver ExtensionSLB-1008A1/2″*125mm
27Drum OpenerSQIX-1002A100*300mm
28Flat FileSUG-1002B150mm
29Flat ScraperSTF-1002A30*200mm
31Philips ScrewdriverSZA-1004ANo.1*75mm
32Philips ScrewdriverSZA-1006ANo.1*100mm
34Putty KnifeSTCA-1002A25*200mm
35Round ChiselSWA-1002A14*160mm
38Sledge HammerSSAG-1002A450g
39Sliding T-HandleSKG-1002A1/2″*250mm
40Socket 1/2″SJD-6A6mm
41Socket 1/2″SJD-10A10mm
42Socket 1/2″SJD-11A11mm
43Socket 1/2″SJD-12A12mm
44Socket 1/2″SJD-14A14mm
45Socket 1/2″SJD-17A17mm
46Socket 1/2″SJD-19A19mm
47Socket 1/2″SJD-22A22mm
48Socket 1/2″SJD-24A24mm
49Socket 1/2″SJD-27A27mm
50Socket 1/2″SJD-30A30mm
51Socket 1/2″SJD-32A32mm
52Socket 1/2″SJD-8A8mm

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