Non Sparking 16 pcs Hazmat Emergency Tool Kit

Non Sparking 16 pcs Hazmat Emergency Tool Kit

The Non-Sparking Hazmat Emergency Tool Kit.

This Toolkit consists of 16 most commonly used non-sparking tools as per OISD 117.

  • It comes with a hard case along with 4 trays of tools.
  • Each tool fits precisely into its foam inlay profile, minimizing the mis-organization of tools.
  • The Toolbox has locking arrangements for securing your expensive non-sparking tools.



Sr No Description Sparkless_PN Size
1 Adj Wrench SLE-1006 24*200mm
2 Adj Wrench SLE-1010 36*300mm
3 Pipe Wrench SMZ-1008 50*350mm
4 Circular Bung Wrench SQIA-1002 300mm
5 Claw Hammer SRE-1004 450g
6 Common Knife STB-1004 145*250mm
7 Deck Scraper STG-1002 39*250mm
8 Spray Booth Scraper SUA-1002 76*235mm
9 Brush SBEA-1002A 4*16
10 Crate Opener SXA-1002 70*230mm
11 Tin Shear SXD-1002 75*300mm
12 Combination Plier SXF-1006 8
13 Groove Joint Plier SYA-1006 12*300mm
14 Long Nose Plier SYD-1002 6*150mm
15 Phillips Screwdriver SZA-1012 8*200mm
16 Slotted Screwdriver SZZ-1026 8*200mm

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