Insulated Ratchet Handle 1000V

Insulated Ratchet Handle 1000V

Insulated VDE Reversible Ratchet Wrench – 1000V Insulated

  • Insulated VDE Tool – 1000V Insulated
  • VDE Insulated tools are manufactured from the best-selected carbon or chrome-vanadium steels which are individually hardened and tempered.
  • Our handles are insulated from soft, elastic, and impact-resistant plastics to offer extra comfort and protection!
  • Our VDE tools give you safety assurance, and offer maximum protection while working with live electrical parts up to 1000v!



Desc PN Size Group
Ratchet Wrench DD2112 1/2″*250mm Socket
Ratchet Wrench DD2138 3/8″*200mm Socket

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