Non Sparking Hook Wrench

Non Sparking Hook Wrench

DIN 1810 Die forged

This is Non Sparking Adjustable Hook Wrench. Sparkless ® Non Sparking tools are most suited for Potentially Explosive Environments.
Most of our Non Sparking Tools are Forged after Casting to achieve better Quality, Performance & Attractive Finish.





P/N D mm L mm
SQC-1002 30-32mm 140
SQC-1004 34-36mm 170
SQC-1006 40-42mm 176
SQC-1008 45-50mm 209
SQC-1010 52-55mm 212
SQC-1012 58-62mm 244
SQC-1014 68-75mm 250
SQC-1016 80-90mm 284
SQC-1018 95-100mm 288
SQC-1020 110-115mm 337
SQC-1022 120-130mm 343
SQC-1024 135-145mm 388
Adjustable Hook Wrench SQCB-1002A 19-50mm AlBr
Adjustable Hook Wrench SQCB-1004A 32-75mm AlBr
Adjustable Hook Wrench SQCB-1006A 50-120mm AlBr
Adjustable Hook Wrench SQCB-1008A 115-170mm AlBr
Hook Wrench With Pin SQCC-1002A 30-32mm AlBr
Hook Wrench With Pin SQCC-1004A 34-36mm AlBr
Hook Wrench With Pin SQCC-1006A 40-42mm AlBr
Hook Wrench With Pin SQCC-1008A 45-50mm AlBr
Hook Wrench With Pin SQCC-1010A 52-55mm AlBr
Hook Wrench With Pin SQCC-1012A 58-62mm AlBr
Hook Wrench With Pin SQCC-1014A 68-75mm AlBr
Hook Wrench With Pin SQCC-1016A 80-90mm AlBr
Hook Wrench With Pin SQCC-1018A 95-100mm AlBr
Hook Wrench With Pin SQCC-1020A 110-115mm AlBr
Hook Wrench SQC-998A 12-14mm AlBr
Hook Wrench SQC-1000A 16-20mm AlBr
Hook Wrench SQC-1002A 30-32mm AlBr
Hook Wrench SQC-1004A 34-36mm AlBr
Hook Wrench SQC-1006A 40-42mm AlBr
Hook Wrench SQC-1008A 45-50mm AlBr
Hook Wrench SQC-1010A 52-55mm AlBr
Hook Wrench SQC-1012A 58-62mm AlBr
Hook Wrench SQC-1014A 68-75mm AlBr
Hook Wrench SQC-1016A 80-90mm AlBr

We offer 2 kinds of materials for non-sparking tools,
Copper-Beryllium alloy (Be-Cu) and Aluminium-Bronze (Al-Br) alloy:

Composition Be: 1.8%-2%
Ni+Co: 0.2%-1.2%
Others: <0.5%
Rest: Cu
Composition Al: 10%-12%
Ni: 4 % – 6 %
Fe+Mn: <5.8 %
Others: <0.5%
Rest: Cu
Hardness 283-365 Brinell Hardness 229-291 Brinell
~1250 N/mm2 Tensile
~800 N/mm2

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