Non Sparking Railroad Pick Axe

Non Sparking Railroad Pick Axe

Aluminium bronze (Al-Br), non-sparking corrosion resistant. Precision casting. Used to break hard and rocky soil.

The Non-sparking tool range has been designed for use in explosive or flammable atmospheres, where regular tools may create potentially dangerous sparks when in use. Manufactured from a special Aluminium Bronze alloy, these ‘explosion proof’, non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant tools.



P/N Size H mm L mm
SSD-1002A 1 360 910
SSD-1004A 2 385 910
SSD-1006A 3 410 910
SSD-1008A 4 470 910

Where these tools are used:

This Non-sparking tool is suitable for use in a wide range of industries such as mining, petrol, and gas extraction, petrochemical refineries, energy production and transportation, manufacture of explosives plus many more.

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