Turrets and Positioners for Crimping Tools (C101 / C201 / C701)

Turrets and Positioners for Crimping Tools (C101 / C201 / C701)

When procuring the above crimping tools it is necessary for proper operations that the tool be matched with one of the following optional accessories: a turret head, a positioner or an adjustable positioner. This is done simply by orienting the head in the keyed position, and by tightening the hex socket screws provided as part of the head. The precision ratchet controls cycling of the tool in both directions of handle movement. This assures the same accurate crimp every time. 

A permanent data plate is affixed to all turret heads and positioners. This plate lists specific contact part numbers, the corresponding position color code (for 3 position turret heads), and suggested selector depth settings for the wire size being used.



Turret Heads & Positioners for C101:



Accessory Part # MIL Std DMC PN
Turret Head T102 M22520/1-02 TH1A
Turret Head T103 M22520/1-03 TH163
Turret Head T104 M22520/1-04 TH163
Universal Positioner UP105 M22520/1-05 UH2-5
Positioner P106 M22520/1-06 TP45
Positioner P107 M22520/1-07 TP85
Turret Head T108 M22520/1-08 TH199S
Positioner P109 M22520/1-09 TP360
Positioner P110 M22520/1-10 TP365
Positioner P111 M22520/1-11 TP465
Turret Head T112 M22520/1-12 TH270
Turret Head T113 M22520/1-13 TH285
Turret Head T114 M22520/1-14 TH286
Positioner P115 M22520/1-15 TP485
Positioner P116 M22520/1-16 TP513
Positioner P117 M22520/1-17 TP651


Positioners for C201:


Accessory Part # MIL Std DMC PN
Positioner P202 M22520/2-02 K1S
Positioner P203 M22520/2-03 K60S
Positioner P204 M22520/2-04 K151
Positioner P205 M22520/2-05 K3
Positioner P206 M22520/2-06 K41
Positioner P207 M22520/2-07 K40
Positioner P208 M22520/2-08 K13-1
Positioner P209 M22520/2-09 K42
Positioner P210 M22520/2-10 K43
Positioner P211 M22520/2-11 K287
Positioner P212 M22520/2-12 K286
Positioner P213 M22520/2-13 K338
Positioner P214 M22520/2-14 K340
Positioner P215 M22520/2-15 K341
Positioner P216 M22520/2-16 K339
Positioner P217 M22520/2-17 K342
Positioner P218 M22520/2-18 K343
Positioner P219 M22520/2-19 K330-2
Positioner P220 M22520/2-20 K331-2
Positioner P221 M22520/2-21 K332-2
Positioner P222 M22520/2-22 K212
Positioner P223 M22520/2-23 K267-1
Positioner P224 M22520/2-24 K75S-1
Positioner P225 M22520/2-25 K261-1
Positioner P226 M22520/2-26 K262-1
Positioner P227 M22520/2-27 K269-1
Positioner P228 M22520/2-28 K373-1
Positioner P229 M22520/2-29 K372-1
Positioner P230 M22520/2-30 K404
Positioner P231 M22520/2-31 K406
Positioner P232 M22520/2-32 K496
Positioner P233 M22520/2-33 K74S
Positioner P234 M22520/2-34 K323
Positioner P235 M22520/2-35 K532-1
Positioner P236 M22520/2-36 K473
Positioner P237 M22520/2-37 K709


SK2/2 SK2/2 SK2/2


A Universal Positioner is available for C701 crimping tool: UP8637
For periodic gaging of the tools a Go / No Go Gage is also available as per MIL std: M22520/3-1 (DMC PN G125)

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