V-Wac Single Weld Gage

V-Wac Single Weld Gage

The V-WAC Single Weld Gauge can be used to measure undercut at the toe of the weld for both butt welds and fillet welds. It has a number of other purposes that make it versatile.

It can be used to measure weld cap height and can estimate the size of porosity with the inbuilt porosity comparator. As porosity is often assessed as the number of pores per a given length the V-WAC has a 25mm calibrated section so this assessment can be made.

The V-WAC Single Weld Gauge can measure undercuts / Pits to 6mm, Crowns to 6mm by 0.5mm Increments, check porosity, and crown height.

It is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.



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