A study on the potential hazards in the manufacturing of API was done by Mr. Vinod Sahasrabude. The study has identified the following risk prone areas:

  1. Reaction and Separation sections
  2. Storage of chemicals in respective vessels
  3. Handling of the materials or the process equipment by the operator or worker
  4. Transportation of the products and raw materials
Reaction and Separation Sections

For this section the study suggests setting up and strictly following an SOP at all times. While the study does not detail maintenance of reactor equipment we highly recommend using non-sparking tools especially when scraping of residuals from the reactor. While SOP for operations can ensure intrinsically safe reactions, maintenance will require opening of flanges with wrenches or other hand tools. Residual chemicals pose a threat to the maintenance crew especially when reactions involve hazardous chemicals. For such activities non-sparking tools should be used

Figure 1- Non-Sparking Toolkit
Storage of Hazardous Chemicals

The following excerpts from the study lucidly identify the issue:

Major hazards involved in storage of flammable liquids in the containers, like drums are: Fires and vapour explosion due to leakage of liquids coming in contact with ignition source.

Once again one of the safety measures to mitigate the risk of fire is removing all sources of ignition from the storage area. This means using flameproof fittings and instruments and ensuring maintenance is carried out using non-sparking tools

In table 7.1 of the study usage of non-sparking tools are suggested for the following locations:

  • Dispensing room ware House
  • Hazardous material store Warehouse
  • Sampling room
  • Solvent tanks, Tank Farm
Handling of the materials

During loading/unloading operations of solvents it is recommended that non-sparking drum openers & bung wrenches should be used for breaking the seal of the cap and opening and closing of drum plugs. We have universal drum openers that can be used to open drum caps of many different types

Figure 2 - Drum Opener with a Pin Hook in action
Figure 3 - Circular Bung Wrench for different plug caps of Drums