Dial Thickness Gauge 7301

Category: Dial Gauges
SKU: 7301


The Digital Dial Gauge is a comparison instrument that ensures high quality, high accuracy, and reliability.

  • It quickly measures the thickness of thin products.
  • Contact point and anvil are both made of ceramic.
  • Integrated molding of the bezel and crystal ensures protection against water and oil penetration via the front face.
  • Lens thickness, Groove depth, and Tube thickness.
Item NameResolutionRangeModel
Dial Thickness GaugeLC 0.01mm10mm7301
Dial Thickness GaugeLC 0.01mm20mm7305
Dial Thickness GaugeLC 0.01mm10mm7360
Dial Thickness GaugeLC 0.01mm20mm7323
Dial Thickness GaugeLC 0.001mm1mm7327
Dial Thickness Gauge Deep ThroatLC 0.01mm10mm7321