Tool Trolley 7 Drawer : 9 Compartment Workstation - Premium Line

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Roller Tool Trolley - Workstation with Side Cabinet

7 Pull-out drawers  & 1 Side Cabinet (2 Compartments) 

5 Drawers 532x390x68mm

2 Drawers 532x390x145mm

Side Cabinet: 305x420x625mm

Dimensions : 

OAL Width: 1095mm 

OAL Height: 955mm

OAL Depth: 455mm

Approx Weight: 52Kgs

Drawer guides with a mechanism made of high-quality materials;    

A blockade preventing the drawer from slipping out automatically;    

the ability to lock the cabinet against sliding;    

lock of the cabinet with a key, 2 keys included;    

Lockable castor wheels

Side Handle for easy movement 

Reinforced top made of Stainless Steel & ABS plastic.