Infrared Thermometer

SKU: IT-001


An infrared thermometer is an ideal tool for taking non-contact measurements of objects at high temperatures. An infrared thermometer is sometimes called a laser thermometer due to the integration of a laser for aiming purposes. An infrared thermometer uses thermal radiation or black body radiation emitted by an object to determine the surface temperature. Our Instruments offers a wide array of accurate, affordable infrared thermometer products with varying temperature measuring ranges from -60 °C to +2400 °C or -76 °F to 4352 °F.

Don’t get burned by a motor, or have hot and cold air blowing in your face from your HVAC system or blowers while taking measurements. You can trust our infrared thermometers to get accurate temperature readings from a safe distance.

Temperature Range: -60 °C to +2400 °C / -76 °F to 4352 °F