Non-Sparking BeCu Valve Wrench (Plug Valves) DN125



For the opening and closing of various valves in your plant carrying flammable liquids, non-sparking valve wrenches are required. We have designed a set of wrenches for the different valve sizes that may be present in your plant.

DescriptionPart NoValve SizePlug Size
Plug Valve WrenchSPEA-15BDN158mm
Plug Valve WrenchSPEA-20BDN209mm
Plug Valve WrenchSPEA-25BDN2510mm
Plug Valve WrenchSPEA-32BDN3211mm
Plug Valve WrenchSPEA-40BDN4012mm
Plug Valve WrenchSPEA-50BDN5015mm
Plug Valve WrenchSPEA-65BDN6516mm
Plug Valve WrenchSPEA-80BDN8017mm
Plug Valve WrenchSPEA-100BDN10018mm
Plug Valve WrenchSPEA-125BDN12520mm