Vernier Height Gauge-514 Series 514-107

Category: Height Gauge
SKU: 514-107


The Vernier Height Gauge is a standard height gauge with an adjustable main scale.

  • Fits comfortably in the hand and moves easily on the surface plate.
  • The main scale slides and clamps within the column for quick and convenient zero-setting.
  • The operability of the slider has been improved.
  • The Large main-scale engraving for fatigue-free.

Item NameResolutionRangeModel
Height GaugeLC 0.02mm0-300mm/12″514-103
Height GaugeLC 0.02mm0-450mm/18″514-105
Height GaugeLC 0.02mm0-600mm/24″514-107
Height GaugeLC 0.02mm0 – 1000mm514-108
Height GaugeLC 0.02mm0-1000mm514-109
Height GaugeLC 0.02mm0-1500mm514-170